Once you have had a positive pregnancy test at our center, you will be offered a free ultrasound appointment. During your ultrasound appointment the nurse will communicate some important information regarding your pregnancy, including:

  1. the viability of your pregnancy;
  2. how far along you are; and
  3. a determination of whether or not the pregnancy is intrauterine (inside the womb, which is normal) and not ectopic (outside the womb, which is a life-threatening emergency).

The ultrasound is performed at our center by a certified ultrasound technician under the direction of a local licensed physician who serves as Hope Pregnancy Centers’ Medical Director. The Medical Director (or one of a designated group of physicians) will review the ultrasound report generated by the ultrasound technician to evaluate and confirm the pregnancy, gestational age, and location.

While the ultrasound technician will share all the above information regarding your pregnancy with you at the time of your ultrasound, a licensed physician must be the one to render an actual medical diagnosis regarding any information pertaining to your pregnancy. After a licensed physician has reviewed your ultrasound report, the ultrasound technician will follow-up with you to share the physician’s final conclusions with you. This ultrasound report can be forwarded to the physician of your choice with your written authorization at any time.

Under certain circumstances, the ultrasound technician may not be able to provide you with an ultrasound. Such cases are rare, but a health screening during the ultrasound appointment prior to the ultrasound procedure to determine ultrasound eligibility is required to ensure the safety and wellness of our clients.