Choosing to continue your pregnancy and rearing a child can be challenging. But with the support of caring people, parenting classes, and other resources, many women find the help they need to become wonderful mothers after an unintended pregnancy.

Hope offers continued support to those choosing to parent after an unintended pregnancy before and after delivery. Hope offers free parenting classes through which clients can earn diapers, wipes, and baby clothes, as well as bigger items such as cribs and car seats.

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You may decide to make an adoption plan for your child. Each year over 50,000 women in America make this choice. This loving decision is often made by women who first thought abortion was their only way out.

Thinking you are not ready for a baby is not wrong. You may still be in school, or just starting a new relationship when you get pregnant… wherever you are in life, if you have decided that you are not ready to nurture and care for a child yet, adoption is the healthiest alternative for you and your baby. Adoption is not the “giving up” of a child, but rather it is providing a safe and healthy family for your baby that you cannot yet provide at this time in your life. Most birth-mothers are very happy with their decision, as are adoptive families and adopted children.

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